Autor projektu: Wojciech Sabat

Opis projektu:

WojTax – Tax law is fun!


We are two friends who would like to create an online course of the Polish tax law.

Wojtek – Warsaw School of Economics student, cooperated with tax advisory companies. Will be responsible for the accuracy of the course’s content.
Kamil – Since 2010 member of a DevOps team at Accenture. Technical skills include (but are not limited to): proficiency in Python and strong knowledge of GNU/Linux.

The course will be self-paced and probably divided into four lessons (and each lesson will consist of modules). Module will consist of learning material and a test (single/multiple choice questions and calculation tasks). It will be entertaining and engaging, because it will involve gamification. User will unlock a module by completing a previous one and earn points and badges. There will be a rank of top scores.

The lessons will help to understand the basic facts about the Polish tax law and show how to solve tax problems like a tax advisor!

If you are a developer/a designer, you might want to consider joining us! Joining us means:
-excellent atmosphere (almost no pressure)
-working on a project which is both fun and useful