Autor projektu: Gregory Asmolov

Opis projektu:

MuAid is a simple geolocation based application for facilitation of mutual aid. It allows submitting a request for help and seeing who are the people who need help around you. It also includes reputation/ vouch mechanism that improves the degree of trust between the users.

The applications includes the following features:
1. Request for help:
Any user can submit a geolocated request for help, to state the time range when the help is relevant and short description of help request (with an option to link the request to a specific category). The user who is interested in helping can submit an offer to help. The specific details exchange will take place only if both users agreed.

2. Seeing who need help in you area:
The user of the application can see what are the current requests around him or/ and in particular watch zone that was defined by him. There is an option of push-notifications in someone in a range of X needs help. Once a user interested in helping, she/ he can send an offer to help with a description of how he/ she can help. If the one who needs help is interested/ trust the offer – she/he clicks “yes” and accept the offer. Then data exchange takes place.

3. Personal profile/ reputation mechanism:
Any user have a personal profile with personal data, and link to profiles in social networks (.e.g option to register through Facebook). Personal profile also includes the history of requests and cases of help, as well as feedback from the other side. In every successful case the person who got help vouch the person who helped. Every person has his own “help rating”. There is also an option for negative feedback (the reputation systems reminds to some extent Couchsurfer).
There I also an option for complaint that will remove a specific inappropriate message.

4. Additional notes/options:
The application is not a substitute for emergency services and calling to 911 (or similar type of service)
The application can be merged with “emergency button” application functionality that alert a specific circle of people about emergency
The application can have additional layers of information about surrounding environment (local police stations/ hospitals or commercial infrastructures).
The application can provide a space for context ads depending on the nature of the help request.

Photo: Radar by modomatic (Flickr, CC-BY-SA)